IPA is the owner of the Intermountain Power Project (IPP)

IPP is located in the Great Basin region of western Utah. IPP generates an average of more than 13 million megawatt hours of energy each year from its two coal-fired units. The energy is delivered over the project’s AC and DC transmission systems to 35 participants in the project that principally serve Utah and Southern California. Additional generation capacity at the IPP site is now being studied. This web site contains information about IPA, its management, key contracts, financial statements, annual reports and MSRB filing.

Who we are – and where…

Operating continuously since 1986, the Intermountain Power Project is a story of unprecedented cooperation. The Project’s 35 participants have operations touching six states and involve people from all walks of life.

Most of the participants – 29 to be exact – are cities and towns that operate their own electric utilities. Those municipalities range in population from 254 in rural Utah to 3.9 million in southern California.


IPA’s Newsletter is Online

Read the most recent news and back issues containing updates about IPA issues and activities.


Annual Reports

Printed annual reports and annual operating report videos are both available for the current fiscal year and previous years.


Helpful Links

Visit the websites of our operating agent (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) and the power plant operator (Intermountain Power Service Corporation.)