About IPA

IPA is the owner of

the Intermountain Power Project (IPP)

IPP is located in the Great Basin region of western Utah. IPP generates an average of more than 13 million megawatt hours of energy each year from its two coal-fired units. The energy is delivered over the project’s AC and DC transmission systems to 35 participants in the project that principally serve Utah and Southern California. Additional generation capacity at the IPP site is now being studied. This web site contains information about IPA, its management, key contracts, financial statements, annual reports and MSRB filing.

Intermountain Power Agency

A Model for Interlocal Cooperation

IPA, a separate legal entity and a political subdivision of the State of Utah, was organized in June 1977, pursuant to The Utah Interlocal Co-operation Act and under the Intermountain Power Agency Organization Agreement, dated May 10, 1977.

IPA was organized for the purposes of undertaking and financing a facility to generate electricity, now known as the Intermountain Power Project. As authorized by the Act, the membership of IPA consists of 23 Utah municipalities that own electric utilities. All member entities are located within the State of Utah and are as follows:

Beaver City
The City of Bountiful
City of Enterprise
The City of Ephraim
The City of Fairview
Fillmore City

Heber City
Town of Holden
City of Hurricane
Hyrum City
Kaysville City

Lehi City
Logan City
Town of Meadow
Monroe City
Morgan City
Mount Pleasant

Murray City
Town of Oak City
Parowan City
Spring City